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Tuesday 29 March 2011

Thanks to team Volksworld for putting on the best show ever!!! Very memorable in more ways than one!!!

Thanks to the GFK!!! for making me a member!!!! I feel very proud!!

A big thanks to team Evil Ben's as you can see the late nights took their toll!!

Thanks to
The Show Pony!! Alex
The Great Gonzo!! Mike
The Goat!! Lucy

none of this would be possible without you.......

A Big thanks to Robin for getting the cars there and back safe!!

Congratulations Martin the DBK 55 Cab a double winner!!

The RA line up Resto cal's never looked so good...

TRL Top 20 winner!!! Back in winning form 20 year's later...

Thanks to Mawgan for sorting Martin's display boards!!!

Even better than new back in 62!!

Wayne Mac's pan set up on Friday!! Detail and then some....

Fendered 57 back inside!! first shown in 2004 then 2006 and now 2011!!! its lasting better than me....

TRL set up and on display, little did it know what it would be taking home the next day!!

The 55 Cab was the first thing you got to see!!!

Looking Purrrrfect on the Kitty litter!!! Gravelgate as it is now known...

Friday was set up day!! The DBK in the house... Martins Cab in position!!!

The gay70!!! Meeeowww!! as Ivan would say..

Martins car out in the sun ready to go!!! after late nights followed by later nights!!!

Rollin chromed sprits from T2D!!!

Next to go Wayne's Fantastic Pantastic !!!

Time to load Fendered how cool is that!!!

My bus cleaned and sorted ready for the off!!

Brackets made and Air Ride Tec shocks fitted!!!

Trying Martins stands for size!!!

Loaded ready to roll to sandown!!

TRL ready to go to Volksworld!!!

Saturday 12 March 2011

Tuesday 8 March 2011