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Monday 20 December 2010

the list of things to do are endless!!!! but it will be worth it!!!

It's down!!!! time to start painting!!!!

getting there!!!!

we are moving to a much bigger unit very soon, time to start sorting it out!!!

Masouds beam and parts just before going for powder coat!!!! their back now ready to go together!!!

One side of judiths notch is done!!! soooo much better!!!!

the stance all sorted, 356 headlamp grills, and OG 356 wheels!!!!

Big jim's bus has been in for a makeover!!! note the drum skins!!!

outside and going back together, fendered 57 with its new mirrors!!!

....this will help it last longer, we live in cornwall and its all about the RAIN!!!!

The goatback has a nice coat of clear!!!

....and done the evil ben's way!!!!


Using the old metal to make up new panel again!!

time to finish under the back seat!!!!!

..... A post done!!!!

hows the song go!! we can work it out!!!

making up panels to do so!!

time to sort judith's door post!!!

....going in!!!!

The Goatback has been stripped for a makeover!!! well ish

Almost ready for 2011!!!!

Fendered 57's engine has had a few changes!!!

using the old metal to make up new panels!!!!

...the before!!!

Good as new and looking much better than before!!!!

Judith's notch has been taking shape, rear 1/4 panel work!!!

Having moved house and having no internet, we are now back on line!!!